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Lives and works in Iceland Reykjavik and Athens Greece.

2010 MFA in Sculpture from Edinburgh College of Art. Scotland
2008 BA in Fine Art from The Icelandic Art Academy. Iceland
2005 Diploma in Art and Design. Technical College of Reykjavik

Solo exhibitions
2018 1001. Laugalækur. Reykjavik. Iceland
2017 Noway Different. A - DASH. Athens. Greece
2015 I am here; BELIEVE í South Gallery. Edinburgh Art Festival. Scotland
2014 Half an artist. SIM. Reykjavik. Iceland
2012 Ó Maria...ó Master. Háteigskirkja. Reykjavik. Iceland

Group exhibitions and projects
2019 Dialectic Bubble. Ltd Ink Corporation. Edinburgh Scotland 
2019 Og hvað svo? / And what then? Living Art Museum. Reykjavik
2019 For the many. Choppingblock Gallery. London 
2019 Top Model. GPS. Glasgow. 
2018 The Wheel. Sculpture Association. Art Festival of Reykjavik. 
2018 About Looking. Gallery Gamma. Reykjavik. Iceland
2018 Embody. Gerðarsafn. Reykjavik. Iceland
2017 The Thing is / MUNUR Skaftfell. Seyðisfjörður. Iceland
2017 Fullkomlega óheiðarleg SIM. Reykjavik. Iceland
2016 St Hospitality Act III Breed Art Studios. Amsterdam
2016 Staðir / Places. Westfjords
2016 Sculpture Sculpture. Gerðarsafn. Kóparvogur. Iceland
2016 FEED. Kunst Vardo. Oslo. Norway
2016 FINDER project space. MHR. Iceland
2015 Frenjur og Fórnalömb. Listasafn ASÍ. Reykjavik. Reykjavik Art Festival
2015 The grass is always greener on the otherside. Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein
2015 Pitcairn hall. London. UK 2015 SETTING. Athens. Snehta.Greece
2015 Hurts so good. Snehta. Athens with N. Niederhauser. Greece
2015 It ́s the media not you! Eastern Edge Gallery. St Johns with K. I. J. Hjörd. & R. McMahon.
2014 What do you think about the title “Nothing Lasts”?. London. UK
2013 The Antifestival. Kuopio. Finland 2013 Sequences Art festival. Reykjavik. Iceland
2012 Cherish the Moment. Catalyst Art Center Belfast with Þ. ÓIafsdóttur. Ireland
2012 Annuale. Art festival. Embassy Gallery Scotland
2012 ZooART Cuneo Italy. Art festival. Cuneo Italy
2011 Embassy@ Outpost Summer fayre. 21.6–26.6. Outpost Gallery Norwich
2011 Municipality. Bethnal Green Library. London
2011 The Ugly Clean up. Embassy Gallery. Scotland
2011 Endemis Ósýn. Gerðarsafn. Iceland
2011 The Return of the Losers. Kalmar Kunstmuseum. Sweden
2011 Going Public. Embassy Gallery. Scotland
2010 Festiwal Kulturalne Oblicza Islandii. Krytyka Polityczna. Warsaw. Poland
2010 Following people and drinking milk. Hafnarborg. Iceland
2010 The Thrill and the Dread. Talbot Rice gallery. Scotland Performances
2016 Exiting. Beyond Human Impulses. MENGI Reykjavik
2016 The Relativity of number 1 (going primitive). Kunst Vardo.
2015 I am trying. (One night stand) MHR Reykjavik
2015 Exiting with an exit sign. Pitcairn hall event. London
2013 Pushing time. Sequences Art festival. Reykjavik
2012 Reach out. Bergen. Norway (public performance)
2012 It ́s a sign. Cuneo Italy. ZooART Festival.
2012 Pray for real. Annuale. Arts Festival Embassy Gallery. Scotland
2011 It ́s a sign. The National Sculpture Factory. Cork Ireland
2011 It ́s too late, give me penny. DIRECTRIX. Sequences. Iceland
2011 Crying Limmo. Going Public. Embassy Gallery. Scotland

Grants and scholarships
2019 Icelandic Art Fund // 2019 Icelandic Artist Salary 6 months // 2018 MUGGUR travelgrant // 2018 Icelandic Artist Salary 3 months// 2018 KIM travelgrant // 2017 Culture fund of Westfjords for the project Places // 2017 Icelandic Art Fund for the project Places // 2017 Icelandic Artist Salary 12 months // 2017 MUGGUR travelgrant // 2016 MUGGUR travelgrant // 2016 Myndstef project grant // 2016 KIM travelgrant // 2015 Icelandic Art Fund for the project I am here;BELIEVE // 2015 Icelandic Artist Salary 4 months // 2014 Myndstef project grant for the project It ́s the media not you! // 2014 Icelandic Art Fund for the project The intimate relationship between war and peace // 2014 MUGGUR travel grant It ́s the media not you! // 2013 Myndstef project grant Embracing Imperminence // 2012 Myndstef project grant Cherish the Moment // 2012 MUGGUR travelgrant for Cherish the Moment // 2012 KIM travelgrant for Cherish the Moment. // 2011 Myndstef project grant OFF SOURCE // 2011 Egill Skallagrímsson Fund. The Icelandic Embassy in London. MFTF // 2011 KIM travelgrant for the project OFF SOURCE. // 2011 MUGGUR travel grant My friend the foreigner // 2011 Short listed for the RSA Residencies. Scotland // 2010 Nominated MAstars. Axis online resource for contemporary art // 2010 Culture fund Westfjords // 2010 Travel and Culture grant from RVK for the project Festiwal Kulturalne Oblicza Islandii // 2010 KIM travel grant for the project LAND&SEA. // 2009 Educational scholarship from ECA for master studies//

2018 MICRO Alumni Fellowship Residency at Edinburgh College of Art
2018 Intragalactic Performance workshop. Space in Stockholm. Sweden
2017 I MISS MY MOM. Mexico and Chiapas 
2017 It ́s the Media Not You! A - DASH Athens 
2015 Snehta Athens. Greece 
2013 Public vs. Public. Nordic project - The Festival & The Anti Festival 
2012 Monument of Blue. Glasgow School of Art 
2011 OFF SOURCE. National Sculpture Factory in Ireland Cork
2010 Festival Untitled. Bíldudalur Westfjords 

Curation Curated projects
2018 Staðir / Places. Art festival. Westfjords Iceland.
2017 I remember not remembering it very well. With N. Niederhauser at A - DASH projects space in Athens.
2015 WAIT / WADE in project / Mjóddin, Reykjavík in collaboration with Eastern Edge Gallery Newfoundland.
2014 Exhibition of Lost Artworks / Culture Center in Akranes. Iceland
2014 Staðir / Places. Art festival. Westfjords Iceland.
2013 Embracing Impermanence. Living Art Museum. Iceland
2012 The night of the lost Artwork. Curator and organizer. Reykjavik Iceland
2012 Meet the Locals. Curator and organizer. Artíma Gallery. Reykjavík Iceland
2011 My Friend the Foreigner. Curator and organizer.
2010 – Co – Founder and in the committee for WHYBildudalur?

Art work in collection
The collection of The Living Art museum. Reykjavik. Iceland
6th volume. Katrin Inga Jonsdottir Hjordisardottir