Dialectic Bubble 

It´s the media not you!
Eva Ísleifs, Rakel McMahon and Katrin Inga Jonsd. Hjordisard.
Ltd. Ink Corporation, Edinburgh, Scotland

Performance; A durational quiet act that lasts for days.  Anonymously we write our thoughts down into speech bubbles wanting to expose our fragility and constructivity, both abstractly and literally. A circulation between the initiative and response.

We would like to physically represent thoughts (scrawl them down) that can relay our relationship. Our dialog becomes a visual representation of our relationship, the construction of it, debate, relatedness and agreements. Something that we want to expose, the specific territories of collaborative working, togetherness.

“We have a series of three events – a virtual world giving us a time and a space, speech in the form of words, and then an action working for a solution. A space becomes a thought that produces energy that creates a movement. And just like that, in a perfect hermetic circle like the sun we watch the power of women working under the classical structure of expression usually reserved for men. Language - Property - Action.”

Scarlett Platel visual artist (UK)