I am here; BELIEVE
South Gallery, Edinburg Scotland 

The exhibition was a durational performance, where people could have their picture taken next to the William Wallace Sword. The photos are then released on to the world wide web hopefully blurring the real ones that are already there. Creating mythical electric presence or non-presence between artefacts and other artefacts that where installed to guard and teach a certain kind of history.

Yesss... assessing cultural artefacts you have to look at many factors that interact with the object; the aesthetic, semantic and the symbolic: whether it is intentional or unintentional by the maker óoo yess and as well the personal interpretation of people.

Hmm I guess it possible that people are trying to obtain the spirit in the material whilst they photograph themselves next to historic monuments, object and artefacts? The AURA of the time that time the item was made.

The relics that were handled and created by people that history will never forget. It´s cerimonial to capture a photo that proves that you were there. I was there, I was close to holiness, godliness, this ancient object. It makes me better, maybe more human. What is it exactly that makes things so important and why do we want to be near them?

Human beings do not envy the present because of the future but by the past. The past teaches us to miss, envy, dream and compare. And it is true the past threatens to leave us everyday, these hidden prehistoric references and resources connected to their resurrection. The historical materials list know why….