LIPIU curated by Christina Petkopoulou
Group exhibition at A - DASH and Asklipiou street
Collaboration with Rakel McMahon  
Athens, Greece 


Performing sculpture & performing words

As you enter you feel the presence of people, but you are alone. The objects, a long stick with a speech bubble nailed to the top diligently indicates a person, something that someone would hold in their hand, in order to demonstrate, a voice, as in holding voice.

Holding voice as a shield, demonstrate. These signs are meant to activate the empty space, from thought to action. From listening to understanding.

I say empty space, but maybe I am totally wrong, certainly I am wrong. Why would there be empty space?

The visual perception to oral sensation. 

By observing you see 16 pieces,speech bubbles, they remind you of signs that you use in demonstration. The sentences are taken from the poetry collection Lipiu Revisited by Katerina Aghelaki-Rooke Bien, P. and Constantine and P. and Keeley, E. and Van Dyck, K. (2004) A Century of Greek Poetry 1900-2000. Cosmos Publishing: New Jersey.




In the work they look at subjectivity in relation to poetry and visual art and the possibility in how to present text work. Poetry is characterized by emotions and when you read poetry you claim a moment with the self. In the work I am nowhere, but I am not complaining the artist Eva and Rakel produce a performative sculpture that flows within the exhibition venue, the residence of A - DASH as well as down Asklipiou Str.