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Cracking the code. Eastern Edge Gallery. Neon lights 2015. Newfoundland. 

Rakel McMahon, Eva Ísleifs and Katrín Inga Jónsdóttir Hjördísardóttir have been active participants of the Icelandic art scene for the last decade, as well as the art scenes of Athens, Edinburgh and New York where they have lived and studied. Their recent collaborative work draws on their collective roots in performative practice and their current research into the traditions of model drawing, drawing mediums and etching techniques. It is informed by their abiding interest in radical feminist, political and sex positive work, as well as their ongoing immersion into ways of seeing from a feminist perspective.

Still from a video made by Ari Alexander for exhibition About looking in Gallery Gamma 2018. 

Individually profoundly different, their collaborative practice nonetheless achieves a fine balance between the conceptual, politically-and-stand-up inspired actions, sculptures and performances of Eva Ísleifs, the finely tuned, sarky, sometimes sublime and always intrinsically feminist performances and drawings of Rakel McMahon, and the unapologetic, spontaneous and exigent video and live performances of Katrín Inga Hjörleifsdóttir Jónsdóttir which hover between radical feminist performance and sex positivity.

Extract from a text written by Hanna Styrmisdóttir.

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About Looking 2018
Cracking the code 2015