Looking for Proxies
Solo show 
in Gallery Port
Reykjavik Iceland 
8.11 - 21.11.2019

I would like to repeat everything, because it feels like it's not enough to say things only once, and words are magic. When we encounter something that affects us it leaves a certain impression, the event becomes a symbol, and it differs if it's a negative or a positive one of course. But now when it repeats it self it becomes a symbol.

Signs: "All that happens is symbol, and as it represents itself perfectly, it points to the rest." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Letter to Schubarth, 2 April 1818

The street corner is occupied with the traffic, you have to be awake and alert to the traffic that is coming from the left and right and remember that the traffic is the opposite way here, things that are supposed to come from the right are coming from left and what is supposed to come from left is coming from the right. Careful, be careful. I look up and I am told to be careful. By re-examine signs you can see that they are about the world to some extent, they represent something that isn’t necessary from the now. They encourage us to create a connection between what is happening and what is about to happen. When you think about this remember that there is always a gap between intention and effect. And in this gab I want to propose some human exercises.

Looking for Proxies, 2019. Lightwork 1/1 

I SEA, 2019. Silkscreen print 14/14 

You see what you see what you see, 2019. Silkscreen print 30/30 
All structures are unstable, 2019. Silkscreen print 25/25 

Looking for Proxies, 2019. Silkscreen print 30/30 

Human exercise, 2019. Silkcreen print 11/11 

Saudade 2019. Printed on aluminium dibond. 1 - 6 Saudade.