Memory is circular notion
Iðavellir group show 2021
Art Museum of Reykjavik

Eva’s work explores the cultural heritage of the nation. She puts forward the classic Icelandic turf house, or more accurately, the image of the classic farm. It has wooden gable ends which face the front. The wooden gable turf house was only temporary; it appeared in the 18th century, became very popular in the 19th and gradually disappeared in the 20th. Today it lives as part of the collective memory in Iceland when people try to imagine life in the olden days. The drawing that Eva used as base for the work came to her by a complete coincidence, hidden in between pages in a book she bought in the flea market. The picture that the artist draws of the turf house deals with definitions of memory, where do memories come from and how are they created? The work is on wheels and is therefore mobile, here she creates with a primitive sincerity the connection between our body and the world of the mind. The idea of the turf house becomes a toy, a carousel, or a stage set. The turf house travels round and round depicting or unraveling somewhat of a memory functions.

Markús Þór Andrésson, Iðavellir. LR