Morning Briefing
An exhibition in Harbinger Project Space with Kevin Harman
Reykjavik, Iceland  

Watch the doc-video here
You might be on a walk in the neighborhood, running some errands, taking doggy’s face for a cruise downwind or getting some milk from the cornershop, when you notice through a window a color key system. The colors are so choreographed and you might recognise them, like some form of a cue. You might enter the space and become overburden but yet enticed, the walls says, red, violet, blue and yellow. God it hurts your eyes. You take shelter and show expression of rationality. There might be a person in the space, the person is on the telephone, and you notice some sounds coming from the device the person is holding, you might move closer. As you might be standing next to this person you notice that the person is watching a comedy sketch, and there is a familiarity to it, there is something there that you remember, that you know. The medium in our messenger, your order is ready and being delivered piping hot “get your mobile out and see what all the fuss is about.

Stage setting, Wall Mural. Eva Isleifs 2021

I have been told that a joke will fail if the comic rushes to his next joke, forgetting to provide a pause for the audience laughter. The person that told me that calls it premature ejokulation and that this is the comedian's recognition of the power of the delivery, the delivery of the punchline. The delivvvvery*. That same person also told me that not only are they discouraged, and crowded-out, but it neurologically inhibits the audience laughter and that is called laftus interruptus. I might have heard the person say also that it's somewhat a show-biz jargon and then the person left by saying you don't want to step on your punchline.

All dressed up but nowhere to go. 2021. Kevin Harman. Performance. 

You start feeling out of place, not within a place, somewhere on the border of a place, stage? Like the transmission is on but no program is being broadcasted. Not sure where you are. You were just out to get some stuff, doing your stuff, going about your day, now you might want to run out of there, get the hell out. Escape. You look up again and for some reason you halter, you defer, you wait and you think “please stand by” you wait, and you think “please stand by” you wait, and you think “please stand by”. You can't wait any longer, then you notice that you are waiting.

*note to self remember to send the box back.

In turn. 2021. Eva Ísleifs. Sculpture. 

Ticket. 2021. Eva Ísleifs. Sculpture, printed aluminum. 

Tumbleweed. 2012 - . Kevin Harman.