Pushing time
Performance. Rvk. Iceland


For the real time festival Sequences, now the clock is owned 
by the Living Art Museum in Reykjavik, Iceland. 

“What inspired me to make the work was a natural feeling of being pushed - rushed to make things, be creative - keep up - come up with ideas, and I just visualized myself pushing a huge clock. Like somewhat from a charlie chaplin movie where thoughts become reality within unreality. Even black and white - like the clock. About the movement - which takes me to what makes us human is our constant movement, if we don´t move we die. So moving our body relates to us finishing tasks - getting on with life. Being alive. It´s so linked to our existance that is futile to us. Simple movement that is somwhat repeated - gives it a destinction - importance, we zoom up on it, we give it presence, we could say we give it meaning.
The performance is also time related - only happend ones. Now the clock is in the collection of the Living Art Museum of Reykjavik and the performance in the Performance Archive of the Living Art Museum. Time is also a manmade concept in order to be efficiant. An object that controls, that tells you and orders your around.”