Project created by Eva Isleifs, Noemi Niederhauser and Andreas Brunner  

Time Takes Time was a momentum around paper & words with the focus on the processes, materiality, touch and smell of prints, letters, inks and stained fingers.

Time Takes Time connected Greek and international artists and designers for a moment of co-creation within various workshops and print studios around the city of Athens. It took place within strong local-global interconnections and sought to weave between them a relationship and a possibility for tuning-in. Time Takes Time operated as a creolization of points of view, techniques, skills, and imaginaries, not to be seen as distinct entities. It merged layers of technologies from print ambrotypes, fax machine thermal ribbon, up to 3d printing and algorithm data poetry. Time Takes Time aimed to combine diverse intimate feelings and subjective relations to the city of Athens through the lens of printed matter as to let waves of resonance emerge between alternative but complementary processes of work.

Time Takes Time organised city walks through its interconnected workshops and spaces as to allow the various processes to be experienced by the public. Each walk was max 4 hours.

A printed publication: Time Takes Time will is in the making ..... we need time. The publication is infused by reflections and experiments collected from the artists; it will grasp the floating mood and atmosphere of this momentum. Designed by Typical Organization, created by Evangelia Biza and printed by Dolce Publication. 

Friday 13th September: walk 1 (duration: around 4h)
5pm: starting at
Kleisthenous 3, Athina 105 52
3 Kleisthenous str.
105 52 | Athens

aprox. 6pm
Kimolou 17, Athina 113 62
Yannis Stournas, „Matter of Time. An aquatic cartography“

aprox. 6.45pm
Sporadon 10, Athina 113 61
Eleanor Lines, „The Doors“

Print & Friends, „COURAGE.
A duet for a person and a piece of paper“

Walk ends.


Saturday 14th September: walk 2 (duration: around 4h)
5pm: starting at
Korinthias 19, Ampelokipi, Athina 115 26
The Athens Zine Bibliotheque, „Meta Flaunt Zine“
Natassa Pappa, „Desired Landscapes“

aprox. 6.20pm
Asklipiou 74, Athina 114 71
Chloë van Diepen, „Room around a page“

Myrto Katsimicha & Tamara Ibarra,
„¿Cómo estás? / Τι κάνεις; |
Open Letters to/by Women in the Arts“

Dennis Muñoz Espadiña, „Cheesyphus“

AS38F, poetry machine by George Ramantanis
(the machine didn´t work)

Rahel Oberhummer, Claudia Ndebele
and Jennifer Niederhauser, „Spatial frequency“

aprox. 7.15pm
Isavron 27, Athina 1114 72
Spazio Lampo (Alfio Mazzei, Esther Kempf,
Laurent Kropf, Valentina Pini), „ΣΟΥΠΙΑ“

Walk ends


Sunday 15th September: walk 3 (duration: around 4h)
5pm: starting at
Aminta 13, Athina 116 35
Viki Topalidou, „Finding the rhythm“

aprox. 6.45
Alkinois 6, Athina 118 52
Eloise Fornieles, Madeleine Botet de Lacaze
and Alix Janta-Polczynski,
„The Journey of the Zodiac“

Charlotte Nieuwenhuys & Odysseas Simos,

Walk ends.

Created by 
Eva Isleifs, Noemi Niederhauser, Andreas Brunner