The Relativity of number 1 (going primitive)
Performance was performed part of the festival FEED Kunst Vardo in Oslo. Norway.  

Photography Kunst Vardo, Oslo Norway.  Outside performance / Duration : not known / 2016

We get older everyday. The cells in our body are dying and new ones are created. The myth says that in 7 - 10 years we become a whole new us! We are constantly going through a flux our body is a machine, we are like a buzzing shopping mall. Mind, body and spirit, we are a full human humanity.

The symbolic self, the awareness which refers to traits of the adult human. The human represents it self through language, performing goal oriented tasks, evaluating the outcomes and relating them to the symbolic self. We are not hunting anymore, tracking our prey with a watering mouth so damn hungry but instead we feel useless. I have to go to the gym to exercise, run without anyone chasing me, actually I don ́t go to the gym. I never have I find it unsanitary and stinky, I just wanted to make you think I was a healty person. In fact the only hunting I get is the feeling of hunting.

Okay but what am I getting at, putting human awareness and hunting together. I am trying to approach the fragile line between the wanting to reach the divine and the unforgiven animal. Is it after we saw the earth for the first time from space. That famous shot of the Apollo 8th mission in 1986 “Earth rise” It made us all so fragile, it gave us fragile winnings. We extend our self through our accomplishments, we picture our selves as our achievements. Ok, let ́s look at the extension. The car is an extension of our feet, the pen is an extension of our hand and the phone is an extension of our community, etc. computer. There is the emotional surrogate that is the object. Sometime it become the object of our belonging and lust and sometime it becomes our burden.

Performance was performed for FEED Kunst Vardo in Oslo. Norway.