12.08 - 24.09.2023
Kling&Bang. Iceland. Reykjavik. 

“I tend to see shapes and faces in the clouds and believe that they are messages.
Researchers call it Pareidolia and they say it's a false perception of seeing a
non-existent face or pattern in everyday objects. I say it can be what it is and for
humans it's a tool in understanding the world. I put faces to objects, they become
characters and we all live together. Dear Dalí would agree. Do you? I mean do you! Do
do do you....”

Scattered objects of super~imposed simplicity, signs helping humor out, and the dialog that opens up a whole heap of mess that we comfortably sit in. In THE EARTH IS MY BED Eva presents a series of works which explore the paradigmatic warning signs of our current environment. If the times we live in were instead to be understood as a location and each of us its inhabitants, these works could offer a helpful guide of how we are to proceed through such a place. Join us for the opening on the 12th of August at Kling&Bang gallery for a visual rocket fuel of magic and fantasy. The work of Eva often reflects the exhausted human, how the man perceives himself, the everyday and the social discourse. Ghosts of a bastard craft are lingering in the work, but as a way of replication and distortion within a historical context. She often plays with humor where hope and hopelessness play against each other and what is left are questions on ho valuables and values are perceived and created. In her sculptural work she works wit the notion of the replica, fact or fictional environment where she constructs performances, live or within the setting itself.

Accompanying the exhibition is an essay by Forest Greenway “Our aim is wakefulness, Our enemy is dreamless sleep: Individual agency in times of despair.” Forest Greenway (b. 1985, Ireland) is an artist and writer based in London.

Information on the work: 

The earth is my bed. Iron, aluminum. 2023
Untitled. Risograph (Blue 25/25). 2023
Finding it is a matter of getting lost. Silkscreen print. (Edition 16/16) 2023.
Untitled. Aluminum. 2023
Bilað. Embossed. Imitation Gold. (Edition 70/70). 2023
Everyday. Silkscreen print. (Open edition). 2023
Sorry we are temporary. Mixed media. 2023
Sign. Mural on wall. 2023
Still alive. Table, iron, plastic. 2023
Móments. Silkscreen print. (Edition 6/6). 2023
The subtle art of not giving a fudge. Mixed media. 2023
Super hard.  Light work. (Edition 3/3). 2023

The exhibition was in collaboration with TBA- Thyssen Bornemisza Art Contemporary.
Kling & Bang is supported by The City of Reykjavík

Images of the exhibition taken by Kristín Pétursdóttir