This is our little mistake 
13.04 - 04.05.2024 
Living Room Athens. Greece.

Curated by Audunn Kvaran 
Photos of the exhibition are by Frank Holbein 

If only I could stay focused and not get distracted. All my senses are telling me just to go, just go there; it's a garden, it's a magical place and I long for it for some unpredictable reason. I put on a playlist on my Spotify, chosen because of its name, “Forest Bathing”. It calms me down, and now I can work . For a bit.

And I can hear you say, “This is our little mistake, do you remember? Do you remember it?”

Eva Isleifs. Eden 2024.

“This is our little mistake” brings together sculptural work which evolves around ideas rooted  in  human design, notions of us always striving  to return  to the beginning of it all. The objects in the show are commentaries on certain social structures and habits. A particularly ordinary   yet  weirdly intriguing object hangs from the center of the space. Large underwear. It's as if someone had forgotten to take their laundry with them; they left them there. Are we situated in this person's laundry room? Why are they so big? Why are they here? The sign on the wall lights up the underwear and superimposes the words “EUTOPIA” and “UTOPIA”. Eutopia is a word that describes a hopeful place, one that can be obtained, while the word utopia describes a perfect yet non-existent place. Yet something feels off with the light; the letter ‘e’ keeps blinking, indicating a discrepancy between these two words, between these two worlds.

Eva’s works are often made up as pieces of a puzzle, the viewer needs to look at them as if  they were searching for clues in a game. You must gather information from these objects that possess a sense of the everyday but then something seems off in their presentation. A long hand descends  from the ceiling crushing an orange to the ground, squeezing and  mashing it up. The title of that piece is “Shrewd” which means sharp power. There is a sense  of  discomfort , particularly with the large underwear. The title connects the works in the exhibition to an ordeal, representing the never-ending human experience  or the man-made mistakes, which are here used in connection to societal narratives where serious topics are portrayed  as insignificant. In her work, Eva navigates  this delicate balance  between humor and seriousness, aiming to  explore the current kaleidoscope of issues in our society.

Into the expected air. 2024. Lightsign.
Shrewd. 2024. Sculpture.
Eden. 2024. Sculpture & video.
Exit plan. 2024. Mural.